Zeta agitators and mixing technology

Zeta agitators and mixing technology


Agitator technology is one of the most common procedural operations and for us it is a central component of the range of equipment and plants for biotechnology, pharmacy and other fields of application. We procedurally construct agitators with special programmes. If necessary, test apparatus is available for customer-specific statements of task. For assistance in critical agitator tasks and scale-up steps we offer our customers the option of investigating the process in advance with simulations using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics).

Zeta magnetic agitators – broad application spectrum

Our agitators are used wherever the most exacting requirements need to be fulfilled with regard to sterile design and reliability:

  • Bioreactors for bacteria and cell cultures
  • image003Processes with carrier suspensions
  • Manufacture of vaccines
  • Process vessels in the up/downstream areas of fermentation plants
  • Infusion and injection solutions
  • Fractionation of blood plasma
  • Manufacture of active agents
  • Fine chemistry
  • Foodstuffs (e.g. breweries, milk industry)
  • Manufacture of fruit juices
  • Special applications (e.g. high-pressure reactors, cooling media)

Fundamental advantages

A fundamental advantage is the constructive execution of the magnetic agitators in order to ensure perfect cleanability (CIP). The terms cGMP, EHEDG or factory acceptance tests (FAT) with a riboflavin test are not abstract watchwords for us, but everyday practice. That said, we recommend first and foremost our magnet-coupled agitators for integration into vessel bases, as an attachable magnetic agitator for integration from above and special executions for applications in the laboratory and on a pilot scale. Benefit from our longstanding experience in procedural construction and constructive design of agitators for sterile processes. Of course, all types of BMR agitators can be offered in ex-versions.

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