The Howorth 5D Shield High Containment Screen

The Howorth 5D Shield High Containment Screen

High Containment Screens 5D-screen

Howorth’s High Containment Screens (HCS) are a simple but effective way of boosting the containment capabilities of any downflow booth. With the new range of screens, Howorth is now able to offer previously unattainable levels of operator protection in new or retro-fit applications.

Principles of a High Containment Screen

Downflow booths are designed to protect the operator from dust rising into the breathing zone. The High Containment Screen (HCS) is fitted into the booth and forms an actual barrier between the operator and the dust source, keeping all dust laden air close to the exhaust grilles of the booth.

Key Benefits

•  Available in a variety of sizes, materials and with optional extrasimage001
•  Ideal containment solution for a wide range of processes
•  Independent testing of Howorth’s Screens has confirmed that OELs as low as    0.5μg/m3 can be achieved
•  Retrofitting capabilities for any downflow booth
•  Enhanced operator comfort

Offering Our Lowest Operator Exposure Levels

Independent testing of the Shield has confirmed that OELs as low as 1μg/m3 can be achieved when operated in conjunction with agreed SOPs.  Processes considered to have a higher risk of exposure also benefit from a considerable reduction in OELs. The reduction in OELs also means that, for operations where previously an air suit or isolator was the only option, a downflow booth combined with a Howorth Shield is now a viable alternative.

A Wide Range of Installation Options

The Shield has been developed specifically to allow it to be fitted within existing booth facilities, so whether your booth is a Howorth unit or supplied by another manufacturer, we are able to offer a complete turnkey retrofit or upgrade service including:

  • Site survey
  • Design and manufacture
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Site acceptance testing and validation

Howorth also offers a full prototyping service, giving clients the assurance of seeing and working with a full-size mock-up prior to manufacture of the final product.

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