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Gentle, Low Shear Pumping Action with in-line cleanability.

Product Features.

  • EHEDG certified for CIP cleanability.
  • Generous seal access facilitates simple front loading and removal of all seal variations without the need to dismantle the pump head.ehedg2
  • Cover joint profile improves the hygiene and cleaning efficiency of the pump.
  • Enhanced rotor case geometry enables self-draining of the pump without loss of efficiency.
  • Stainless steel gear case and improved bearing housing finish provide a clean and corrosion resistant finish, essential in a clean process environment.
  • Semi fluid grease charges gear case means no routine maintenance such as checking of oil levels.

Typical ApplicationsUntitled

  • Food & Beverage: Soups, Chocolate, Culinary Sauces, Dairy, Cream, Pet Foods.
  • Personal Care Products: Toothpastes, Mascara, Creams etc.
  • Pharmaceutical: FDA conforming and full material traceability. All pro duct contact components are in 316L (DIN.4404) stainless steel, EHEDG certified and 3-A certification.
  • Chemical and Industrial: All pumps have 316L (DIN.4404) contact paUntitled1rts and are suitable for chemical applications. Also Hastelloy C22 & other materials, supply seals with Perfluoroelastomer elastomers and ATEX compliant pumps with drive sets for the most stringent and hazardous environments .




Wrightflow TRA400 Series Pump

High end ultra-hygienic centrifugal pumps machined from forged, solid baWrightFlowTra400br and plate 316L stainless steel for the ultimate in integrity and low ferrite content. Focused on WFI (water for injection) and other high purity liquids.

Wright Pump’s TRA400 series centrifugal pumps robust design and high quality materials of construction make it the right choice for both high-purity and ultra-hygienic fluid transfer.

Typical applications:

  • Pure Water Systems: Water for injection (WFI), RO,DI, USP, process water. Non-shear sensitive products requiring the highest hygienic control. Compendial water recirculation loops.
  • Ultra Hygienic: Food, Beverage, Dairy or other hygienic processes where the highest level of quality and supporting material documentation is required.


Wrightflow TRA500 Series Pump.

Wright Pump’s TRA500 series centrifugal pumps robust design and high quality materials of construction make it the right choice for food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and general hygenic fluid transfer.WrightflowTra500

Hygenic centrifugal construction uses wetted parts machined from cast 316L stainless steel or other high quality alloys with a fully polished external and internal finish. The TRA500 series fully adjustable head orientation provides unmatched installation flexibility. Mechanical seal options include single and double in a variety of seal face materials and elastomers.

Typical Applications:

  • Beverages: High fructose corn syrup, single strength fruit juices, beer, water, liquors, wine, wort, yeast slurries.Untitled2
  • Dairy: Milk, Cream, whey (up to 50% solids), ice cream mix, buttermilk.
  • Confectionery: Sugar Solutions, corn syrup.
  • Oils: Cooking, frying, salad.
  • Personal Care: Mouthwash, cologne, aftershave.
  • Cosmetics: Shampoo, lotions.
  • CIP: Solutions, caustics, enzymes cleaners, sanitizers.
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech: Process waters (RO, DI, Analytical).

For further information please visit our section on Wrightflow hygienic pumps http://www.cpitechnology.com/wrightflow-hygenic-pumps or contact our experts on  021 487 4142


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