HMD Sealless Pumps CASE STUDY

HMD1HMD Sealless Pumps Determined the Best Option for Investment Programme

A large Pharmaceutical Company, have undertaken a significant investment programme at their site in Ireland, which manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Spending over €70 million, the programme is part of a five to six year upgrade to the company’s facilities there, which includes the installation of new technology and automation. In particular, the R&D centre at the site now allows the chemists and chemical engineers based there to not only develop but also scale-up the production of new chemical entities for the group.

The project involved the design and construction of a new API production building and tank farm facility.  Working with Consultants, HMD Kontro’s Irish distributor, CPI Technology, HMD2supplied over eighty magnetic drive pumps to the site.

All centrifugal pumps (both Process and Utility) were originally specified for the project as mechanically sealed pumps.  However, CPI Technology actively promoted magnetic drive technology with the appointed project team and also with the maintenance team in the Pharmaceutical Plant, outlining the life cycle cost benefit of sealless pumps over mechanical sealed pumps.

As a result, prior to formal tender issue, a capital cost exercise was undertaken to compare the two technologies. Their findings were that the difference was in the order of 15% to 17% straight capital cost saving on sealless. Total Life cycle cost was not considered any further as the Pharmaceutical Company was already aware that magnetic drive pumps would have a significantly lower running cost benefit over mechanicallyHMD3 sealed pumps, with double cartridge seals and their complex seal support systems.

This was particularly the case because of the need to meet the process requirements (pumping acids / solvents / glycol / caustics etc).   Also to comply with the recent introduction of Atex Zone 1 requirements and the need to provide complex and expensive seals and seal support systems for the traditional alternative.

The type of pumps provided to the site were both HMD Kontro GT and GSP pumps, the duties including pumping hazardous liquids, thermal transfer fluids and general solvent transfer in the tank farm area.

For further information please contact CPI Technology or 021 487 4142

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