Expertise in Reactor and Vessel sampling – customised solutions

” Expertise in Reactor and Vessel sampling – customised solutions ”    

We offer designs that specifically address cleaning and product hold -up concerns

We offer sampling systems that provide high priming and solids handling capabilities

We incorporate Codip and other diaphragm pump makes to suit the application and specific site requirements

We provide dip pipes in Stainless / Hastelloy / Glass lined and other materials – with documented stress load calculations

We provide designs with future proofing in mind – PAT technology addition

We provide sampling systems designed to meet your specific process and commercial requirementsPicture11

CPI Technology offer a wide range of sample system solutions to suit your process. All levels of sophistication are available from simple manual sampling to remote automated sampling and analysis systems. All sampling systems are designed with operator and environmental safety as the primary consideration.

Toxic, flammable and corrosive medias are safely sampled using systems with all wetted parts in PTFE, PFA, Hastelloy and other exotic materials. Sampling systems are also available in 316L Stainless steel for less corrosive duties.


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