ELRO Peristaltic Pump Case Study in Process Applications

ELRO Peristaltic Pump


A large production plant was experiencing difficulties due to changing viscosity medias and CIP capabilities. As a reputable dairy and fruit processing leader, they required the best solution available.They chose ELRO peristaltic pumps for their requirements.

Dairy and fruit processing industries gets their input material as fruit pulp or fruit juice stored at temp below 0OC. This is received to plant stored in big plastic bags kept in drums. A typical process requires a system or pump by which they can transfer this juice or pulp into overhead containers and then it is used in manufacturing or preparation of various products.

The pumping system used should be capable of…

  • Pumping viscous media
  • Can handle variable viscosity of media
  • Abrasive media pumping
  • Self Priming
  • Negative suction pumping ( -ve suction lift )Food 04
  • Variable flow regulation
  • Possibility of dry running
  • Low shear of media
  • No contamination, complete cleavability
  • Continuous duty

Special Requirements….

  • FDA complianceElroLogo
  • CIP cleanable

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