CRP Vessel Mounted Recirculating Sampler

CRP Vessel Mounted Recirculating Sampler

With recirculRecircation sampling the sample is drawn from the vessel and pumped through the sampling system before being discharged back into the vessel often down the same dip pipe. The sample is dispensed from the sight glass section using a small bore valve into the chosen sample receiver.

Product Description

Designed to mount on a dip pipe fitted to a vessel.

Typical construction:

Isolation Valve mounted to dip pipe process flange.

  • Centre manifold with outlet valve, cabinet and threaded bottle connector
  • Sightglass with to allow operator to see that liquor is flowing.
  • Top manifold with 3 service valves connected to wash liquor, nitrogen and pump.
  • Pump, typically double diaphragm, air operated.
  • Return leg pipework.
  • Return leg isolation valve.
  • Instrument tee to mount between dip pipe vessel flange and flange on vessel to allow circulating liquor back into the vessel.
  • Wetted parts: PTFE/PFA, borosilicate glass, chemraz
  • Pressure temperature envelope: full vacuum to 10 bar g: -29 to
  • +180oC max (limited by pump type)


  • Open both isolation valves.
  • Switch on pump and wait for flow to be established.logo
  • Stop the pump, and close the inlet isolation valve.
  • Briefly open nitrogen valve to pressurise sightglass.
  • Open sample outlet valve to dispense sample into sample bottle.
  • Flush through with wash liquor, and blow through with nitrogen.
  • Close both isolation valves leaving sampler clean, empty and ready to take a further sample.


  • Sample valve can be mounted on pump outlet side so that sample can be taken PumpengruppeM-25_40 Smaller Sizewhile pump is running.
  • Pump is typically made of virgin PTFE. Can be supplied in antistatic PTFE, or metallic construction. Can be supplied to comply with ATEX.
  • Service valve types. Typically Atomac AKH2, but others available, such as solid PTFE ball valves, diaphragm valves etc.
  • Sample outlet valve. Typically modified in-line sample valve, but ball valve/diaphragm valve available.
  • Temperature/pressure gauges available.
  • pH probe mounting.
  • Spring return handles on sample outlet and/or service valves.
  • Unlined versions available
  • Purging of space between sight glass and shield to prevent frosting up of sight glass.
  • Vessel seeding is an option.

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