CRP Vessel Mounted Single Sampler

Vessel Mounted Single SamplerVessel Mounted Singel Sampler

The vessel mounted sampling system is generally connected to a dip pipe at the top of a process vessel. The sample is drawn up from the vessel through the dip pipe and into the sampling system. It is isolated within the sight glass chamber where it can be dispensed into a sample bottle.

Product Description

Designed to mount on a dip pipe fitted to a vessel.

Typical construction:

• Small bore PTFE tube running down through centre of dip pipe
• Lower manifold
• Isolation Valve
• Centre manifold with outlet valve, cabinet and threaded bottle  connector
• Sightglass with floating ball check valve to prevent liquor from  being sucked down the vacuum line.
• Top manifold with three service valves connected to vacuum,  wash liquor and nitrogen

Wetted parts: PTFE/PFA, borosilicate glass, chemraz

Pressure temperature envelope: -29 to + 180oC: full vacuum to 10bar g


• Open isolation valve.
• Open vacuum valve to draw up sample into the sightglass.
• Blow sample back into vessel using nitrogen. Repeat suck up/ blow down step to ensure sample in sightglass is representative of vessel contents.
• Close isolation valve.
• Briefly open nitrogen valve to pressurise sightglass.
Single Sampler• Open sample outlet valve to dispense sample into sample bottle.
• Blow any remaining liquor back into the vessel.
• Flush through with wash liquor, and blow through with nitrogen
• Close isolation valve leaving sampler clean, empty and ready to take a further sample.


Sightglass volume can be varied to suit required sample size.
• Service valve types. Typically Atomac AKH2, but others available, such as solid PTFE ball valves, diaphragm valves etc.
• Sample outlet valve. Typically modified in-line sample valve, but ball valve/diaphragm valve is available.
• Eductor to create vacuum if no site vacuum available.
• Temperature/pressure gauges available.
• pH probe mounting.
logo• Sample bottle venting back into sightglass.
• Catch pot for extra security.
• Multiport top mounted valve to control services.
• Spring return handles on sample outlet and/or service valves.
• Heat exchanger to heat/cool sampler prior to reaching sightglass section.
• Unlined versions available
• Purging of space between sightglass and shield to prevent frosting up of sightglass.

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