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The AMAL portfolio of flame arresters includes:

In line flame arresters (gas and vapours):

  • Detonation flame arrester (unstable): for protection against flames with supersonic speeds in unstable detonations with high explosion pressures, including shock
  • Deflagration flame arrester: for protection against flames with subsonic speeds and low explosion pressures. Available for both end-of-line and in-line applications.

In line flame arresters (liquid):52

  • Detonation flame arrester: for use in filling and emptying lines on storage tanks.

Combination flame arresters / relief valves:

  • A comprehensive range of pressure / vacuum relief valves to work in combination with AMAL flame arresters for added tank protection.

End of line flame arresters:

  • Deflagration flame arrester: effective protection against flames with subsonic speeds for installation on storage tanks where long filling and thermal breathing is required and the flow of the flammable mixture cannot be stopped. AMAL also offers endurance burning-proof end-of-line flame arresters.

 MARSTON’s pressure relief solutions include:

Bursting discs

  • A non-reclosing device designed to burst or rupture at a predetermined pressure to protect plant, pipework or vessels from unacceptable levels of pressur60e or vacuum.
  • Conventional discs: often referred to as forward acting discs, conventional discs are ideal as a multipurpose and low cost solution in many applications.
  • Reverse buckling discs: 41these discs offer extended service life, particularly within pressure cycling duties, and are suitable in liquid, gas and steam applications.
  • Graphite discs: graphite discs provide effective low-pressure protection for highly corrosive process media applications.

Explosion vent panels

  • Designed to provide low pressure protection against the effects of dust or gas explosion, explosion vent panels will almost instantaneously open a correctly sized panel in the event of an explosion to minimise the effects of the blast.

The BIRKETT range of safety relief valves includes:

WB Series spring loaded safety relief valves:

Full nozzle spring loaded safety relief valve with a full lift and full nozzle to safely relieve 59excess pressure in a variety of process vessels, including pumps, pipes, tanks, calorifiers, and gas and oil separators. The WB Series conforms to API526 pressure/temperature and dimensions.

Safeflo safety and thermal relief valves:37

Thermal relief valves for smaller gas or liquid applications, where they relieve thermal expansion of process fluids In vessels and long pipes.

Safeset pilot operated safety relief valves:

Self contained pilot operated safety relief valves that independently control valve opening and closing without the need for additional energy sources. Safeset valves have a unique full nozzle design and conform to API 526 pressure / temperature ranges and dimensions and are also available as pop and modulating pilots to suit both gas and liquid duties.

MARVAC’s product catalogue includes:

Pressure / vacuum relief valves:

A range of pressure only, vacuum only and combined pressure and vacuum relief valves to alleviate the problems caused by the thermal effects and the filling and emptying of 57storage tanks and vessels.

Combination flame arresters / relief valves:

A comprehensive range of flame arresters is available to work in combination with the Marvac pressure / vacuum relief valves.43

Pilot operated relief valves:

Provide accurate pressure relief when operating near the limits of design pressure and overcome the problems of back pressure generated at the discharge of the valve.

Tank blanketing valves:

Dedicated to providing inert or rich blanketing of storage tanks to limit evaporation and reduce harmful emissions.

Emergency vent manway and Gauge hatch:

Provide overpressure protection in the event of the tank being subjected to fire exposure and to facilitate access to the vessel from the top for internal inspection. Gauge hatches also enable product level measurement and sampling.



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